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Hey Mama (to-be) can I be honest with you?


I hate marketing.

Now I do realise that I'm probably not meant to say that but what the heck 🤷🏽‍♀️, I'd rather just be real with you instead of trying to be 'persuasive' which feels yuck to me.

So yes, technically this is a 'sales page' and I've been procrastinating for days now, not wanting to do it because my thoughts get jammed up when I try to fit the 'right words' into a sales page template...

And that's why I've decided to just write you a letter and tell you about the course instead. *Weight lifts off my non-marketer shoulders*

Oh, if you're short on time or don't give two-hoots about my letter, just scroll down to see a snapshot of what the course contains and how the modules look 😄

But, if you're like me and do love the idea of just having a conversation (sort of) with another woman to find out if what she's offering is something you want or need, then I hope this letter provides everything you need to know to make that decision....

....Ok, you're still reading. Amazing, let me start with why I created this course as I think that will give you a good feel for what you'll find within.

I created The MAMA Diet because I'm no longer able to consult 1:1 but I refuse to not share the incredibly important knowledge I've gained as a Nutritionist because, at no point in a someones life is nutrition more important than during pregnancy - a time that will literally affect your baby for the rest of their life.

Micronutrient deficiencies or an imbalance of macronutrients can have a lifelong effect on a developing baby and some things can never be undone (like the heartbreaking brain damage of a severe B12 deficiency during pregnancy).

And yet, the RDI's and current dietary recommendations given during pregnancy and breastfeeding DO NOT reflect what the science shows, they DO NOT take into account the fact that synthetic nutrients don't act the same in the body as naturally occurring nutrients, they DO NOT incorporate the thousands of years of wisdom handed down by our ancestors and they most certainly DO NOT give you nutritional recommendations that are unbiased and un-influenced by large corporations. *takes a deep breath*

....As you can tell, I'm passionate about this stuff and I really want to share this info with you and every other woman who is trying to conceive, pregnant or in her postpartum but I just cannot do that on a 1:1 basis anymore.

In case you aren't familiar with my work, I've been doing private nutrition consults since 2017 but now, with a 2yo at home with me full time and a husband who is away for work more often than he is home, it's almost impossible for me to lock in an hour-long consult to share this info.

So, for 7 months now, I've been getting up at 4.30am to work before my little girl wakes, and then every day at nap time, I work again.... I won't lie, it's been really hard and actually quite isolating because I've put every spare moment I had into this.

But - I did it becuase it was important to me to be able to help women like you. I wanted to create a course that contained true, factual and up-to-date info about fertility nutrition and present it in a way that the everyday woman could actually understand and implement... because I know that a) you don't have time to read science journals to find out things like how much choline you need daily to optimise your babies brain development or which minerals you need to get enough of to prevent postpartum depression and b) the current recommendations given to women during pregnancy are insufficient (according to the science) and the commonly accepted 'healthy diet' is actually a crock of BS!

So that's why I created The MAMA Diet.

And as I was putting it together and doing my research to make sure my ducks were all in a row, the course just kept getting better!

What started out as 'nutrient sheets' to show you how much of each nutrient you actually needed and why, how to get it from real food and what the absolute best supplement on the market is... turned into a 4 pillar framework known as the MAMA Diet:

  • M - Maximise Nutrients
  • A - Always choose real foods
  • M - Minimise processed foods
  • A - Anchor in tradition

And, hopefully I don't sound like a total arse when I say this but, the course is incredible and I'm very proud of it! All the info I gathered during those hours (and hours and gosh-darn HOURS) of research, is all summarised in a handful of very easy to read and practical guides.

There's also a recipe index that contains over 80 recipes and a bonus Shopping Guide for the Australian market which contains vetted products so you can literally walk into the supermarket and grab products off the shelf knowing they are clean and don't contain toxic or fake ingredients (by the way that also took me forever and is a work in progress because I'm literally looking at the ingredients of every product in the major supermarkets 😅)

Essentially, I did the hard work so that you wouldn't have to.

And I'm so proud of the course because I know the value within it is beyond any other fertility nutrition programs that I've seen ...and the women who trusted me and joined The MAMA Diet before it was even finished have confirmed this with their incredible feedback:


Yikes ok, my letter is turning into an essay so let me quickly cover what else I think you might want to know:

  • The MAMA Diet is self paced and it's all online. The content is a mixture of audio and downloadable pdf's.
  • It's designed specifically for women who are in the preconception phase, currently pregnant or in their postpartum - there is specific info for all of these stages
  • You'll be able to ask me any questions you have via the comment section in each of the 4 modules
  • You can see a breakdown of the exact course content below
  • The MAMA Diet strongly recommends eating animal based foods for all phases of fertility and is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans (the reason why is explained in depth within the course)
  • If you have specific dietary requirements such as gluten free or dairy free you can absolutely achieve this within The MAMA Diet and will be guided to fill any nutritional gaps caused by these restrictions.
  • You'll learn how to eat the same real foods that nourished your Nanna's Nanna and the thousands of healthy ancestors before her, but in a way that fits into our modern world.

I honestly believe that the info within this course is what all women in their fertile years need to know and I'm so confident you'll love it that I offer a 24hr money back guarantee. If after the first module you don't feel the course is for you, all you need to do is email me and I'll refund you in full.

Big love to you Mama, I hope to see you in the course.

Rach xx

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Here's a look at what's inside:


The MAMA Diet

A course for women who want to nourish their body with real foods, rather than synthetic vitamins and processed modern-day junk.


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