For women seeking real answers to their period and fertility problems, not a half-arse chat and another script. 


I know how this feels.

I've been there too.

It's frustrating, overwhelming & miserable.


But it doesn't have to be that way. I went from 12 months of amenorrhea (no period) and a "diagnosis" of PCOS to a regular, easy menstrual cycle with a completely natural approach. ...Despite my doctor telling me I needed to go back onto The Pill if I wanted a 'regular cycle'.

I've been working 1 on 1 with women since 2015, helping them get off hormonal birth control, heal their period problems and overcome fertility issues.


Introducing The Femme Room


A one-on-one program that offers a new level of personal support and guidance to women who are trying to fix their period and fertility problems.

You'll have direct access to me over multiple days via the Voxer App - this brings flexibility and convenience (because I know you're busy and overwhelmed)

Why don't I offer the typical hour consult you get elsewhere? Because I'm raising the standards.

With this program, you don't need to rush anything or worry about trying to scribble notes as we chat (because you can refer back to everything in the app).

A single hour isn't enough time to truly become empowered. I understand that you need to be able to gather the info, ask questions and get practical tips so you can actually implement things that will make a big impact in your journey.

A natural approach (becuase your body is biologically designed to heal), an open hearted conversation about the female body (because what we've been taught is wrong & it's incredibly empowering to truly understand your body) and a focus on healing rather than covering up with more medicaitons.


That's what you can expect in the Femme Room.





Getting Started is Simple

Getting Started is Simple



Why work with me? 


"It was such a relief to finally find someone who got what I was going through, thanks for your help Rach"    - Bianca Gallo, UK

You'll leave our time together with clarity, simple action steps & practical tips to reach your health goals. But most importantly, I'll EMPOWER you so that you can truly take control of your situation.


I've talked one on one with amazing women from all over the world. With the convenience of video calls and the Voxer app, we've worked through their period, hormone and fertility problems from the comfort of their home.

They've discovered simple, easy to implement changes that allowed them to truly take back control of their health.

There is always an answer, you just have to ask the right person.


How do you truly know if what you're doing is helping your body or making things worse?


Join me in The Femme Room and discover the key area's that you need focus on to achieve YOUR specific goals. There is no one size fits all approach, we'll create the approach that fits YOU.



How it works...

  • We'll connect via the Voxer App (it's like having a private walkie-talkie so we can talk in real-time OR if one of us doesn't have the app open, the voice message is recorded and sits there until we can listen to it. This makes it perfect for busy women who need help but can't lock in specific times to talk)
  • If you already know exactly what you need help with we'll start there! Or, if you don't quite know what you need, we'll chat about the problems you're facing and nut out a plan together.
  • I'll gather details about your lifestyle and diet so we can decide together where your focus needs to go so you can get real results... rather than just adding more layers and 'things to do'
  • You'll leave your time in The Femme Room with a clear understanding of what to do next and the simple steps required to make the journey ahead easier.
  • And the best bit is, we have multiple days together so you don't ever have to feel rushed or worry about forgetting to ask something!
  • I'll give it to you straight :) when someone pays me for a service I take that role seriously because I really want you to get results. That means I'll share with you openly and honestly. 

IMPORTANT - Spaces constantly sell out so if there are no times available, contact me and we'll try to work something out.



My Guarantee to You

If after the first hour you feel the Femme Room isn't right for you, please let me know and I will fully refund you on the spot. It wouldn't feel right knowing you weren't getting the guidance and information you deserve.

About Rach

Rach has been working with clients since 2015. By combining her hands-on knowledge with her training in Natural Fertility, Nutritional Medicine and thousands of hours of research, she is able to guide women through specific diet and lifestyle changes to address their hormone and period-related problems.


  • Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education
  • Qualified Nutritionist (Nutritional Medicine)
  • Additional 12mth training in Functional Nutrition
  • SD Practitioner (Sympathetic Dominance/Stress Response)