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If you've landed here because you're struggling with your cycle or your fertility (which are really the same things), then let me tell you... you are in the right place. I'm here to help you regain control of your health, for real.

My goal is to help women like you, reclaim your power around your menstrual health and fertility. And it can be done.


Before this became my life work, I went through a really shitty and lonely journey... We all have a story right?

I know firsthand how bloody hard it can be to be a menstruating woman in a world that isn't set up to embrace or empower us. A world where literally shutting off a woman's hormones is considered normal.

Hormonal Birth Control

I used the birth control Pill for 10 years straight and it really f*cked me up.

I had anxiety so bad that I'd wake up and the first thing I felt was pure dread.

I was physically and emotionally exhausted, all the time... but I couldn't sleep.

I was in my early 20's, engaged to a total hunk and yet I didn't have a libido. And on the odd occasion that we actually did have sex, it was really painful. Sudden sharp, stabbing pains which the doctor concluded was from me 'not relaxing'. 

I cried, a lot (not from the painful sex, just from...everything!)

And I binged on sugary foods and alcohol because I didn’t know how else to deal with my feelings.

I can still remember so clearly, waking up as a 25 year old woman and thinking to myself "there has to be a better way to live".

I needed some serious healing & when I discovered what The Pill was doing to me, I quit it immediately.


But then....nothing happened. No period.


Just acne and hair loss. Great.


 Velvet Images

I needed some serious healing,

so I ditched The Pill.


But then....nothing! No period.


Just acne and hair loss. Great.



 Velvet Images

I Desperately Want My Period Back

If you read that heading and it resonated, I'm so sorry. It's scary isn't it? Or have you moved into the frustration phase now?

I remember how it felt when I couldn't relate to the women around me. I went to bed praying for a monthly bleed while they whinged about theirs being inconvenient.

I waited month after month after month. Nothing.

And I remember the tears of frustration when I left the doctors office. First she told me I had PCOS and then she followed up with "To regulate your period you'll need to go back on the Pill". What the actual F?

I felt lost & broken.

When my period finally came back, I cried. Oh, I cried and laughed and felt a deep gratitude for the return of my womanhood.

I was SO relieved.

And so excited! I wanted to throw myself a period party! I wanted to scream so everyone knew that I had my period!!

I felt like a woman again. And I felt powerful! I'd helped my body to heal.

The Unlearning

Have you seen the Matrix? You know the scene where Keanu has to choose between the Red Pill and the Blue Pill?

...taking the Red Pill will reveal the unpleasant truth or he can take the Blue Pill to remain in blissful ignorance.

I took the Red Pill without hesitating.

  • I learnt exactly what hormonal birth control does to a woman's body.
  • I learnt how diet & lifestyle heal while medications and drugs manage.
  • I learnt about Nutrition for a healthy body VS Nutrition for making businesses rich.
  • I learnt how "being skinny" and "low fat diets" are ruining women's hormones.
  • I learnt to love & trust my body and to not trust everything I see on TV or am told in a doctors office.
  • I learnt that I was not alone, that women all over the world were experiencing the same problems.

And I had to RELEARN that I am part of nature, that my body knows how to heal, that my symptoms weren't just 'part of being a woman' and that my menstrual cycle is powerful and amazing.

And I Haven't Stopped Learning Since...



  • Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education
  • Qualified Nutritionist (Nutritional Medicine)
  • Additional 12mths training in Functional Nutrition
  • SD Protocol Practitioner (Sympathetic Dominance/Stress Response)

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