The Inner Seasons of Your Menstrual Cycle

cycle living Apr 06, 2020

If you’ve never heard about the Inner Seasons of your Menstrual Cycle, get ready to have your mind blown!

There is so much power in the feminine and your menstrual cycle is at the heart of it all.

Within each phase of your cycle, there are literally hidden treasure’s to be found and taken advantage of.

For example, there’s a small bump in testosterone during ovulation that can be used to easily build lean muscle. And, during your luteal phase you naturally have stellar organisation skills…which makes it the perfect time for putting together your household budgets and meal plans!

Pretty cool right? Let’s unpack this further.

One of the simplest ways to understand your cycle and how to find the treasures within it, is to look at it through the Inner Seasons.

The Inner Seasons of your Cycle

Metaphorically speaking, you go through all 4 seasons of the year in one menstrual cycle. Each phase of your cycle corresponds with one of the seasons.

  • Menstrual phase = Inner Winter
  • Follicular phase = Inner Spring
  • Ovulation phase = Inner Summer
  • Luteal phase = Inner Autumn

Like all things to do with the feminine, your Inner Seasons are flowing. They are a continuum, so one season blends into the next and each of us will experience them a little differently. For example, you may have a really long Winter phase, while your sister has a short one.


Your Inner Winter

Once your period starts you know that you’re in your winter. But some women actually move into their winter energy a day or two before their bleed starts.

Mama Nature’s Winter – It’s cold & still outside. The animals have surrendered to the season and gone into hibernation. The seeds are lying dormant in the ground. The humans are getting cosy on the couch with a hot cocoa, fluffy socks and a good book. There are hearty vegetable soups and slow-cooked stews in the kitchen, social plans are minimal and things, in general, have slowed down.

Your Inner Winter – Your hormones are at their lowest point so your energy is low, your mood is flat and your body is doing a lot of internal work as you’re bleeding. You feel like staying at home, taking a nap on the couch under a fluffy blanket and socialising is pretty much the last thing on your mind. You’re craving comfort foods like warm cinnamon oats or salty roast vegetables.

Sound familiar? The energy of Natures Winter and your Inner Winter are same-same.

What you can take from nature when you’re in your Inner Winter:


Your Inner Spring

Once your period finishes, you’ve moved into your Inner Spring.

Mama Nature’s Spring – the sun sits a little higher in the sky, the weather has warmed up and little seedlings are emerging from the ground. The animals have come out from hibernation to see what the new season has to offer and baby animals are being born. The humans are excited about the brighter weather and keen to take advantage by organizing picnics in the park and sunny brunch dates. Spring salads, fresh fruit and colorful platters are on the menu. Everyone is full of enthusiasm and ideas for spring break.

Your Inner Spring – you’ve emerged from your period cave and your rising estrogen is giving you more energy and more enthusiasm! You’re keen to catch up with your friends, get your nails done and do something fun. You have heaps of plans about giving your bedroom a total makeover, exciting new business ideas and you’re brainstorming holiday destinations for the end of the year…you’re really enthusiastic about life!

What you can take from nature during your Inner Spring:

  • Now is the time to start new projects and bring things to life.
  • The world is rebirthing & renewing, you can too.
  • Play like the baby animals! Try new things, be social & adventurous
  • Nurture & cherish yourself like you would with the little seedlings. Don’t push too hard, too soon (at work, in the gym or with your to-do list)
  • Eat vibrant, fresh and light foods.


Your Inner Summer

As you approach the Ovulation phase, you’ll move into your Inner Summer. In a typical 28 day cycle this occurs around the middle, ie days 13 – 16

Mama Nature’s Summer – This is the peak of the seasons. It’s bright, hot and lively outside. The plants are in full bloom with juicy, plump fruit. There are lots of animals around and bees are buzzing. The humans are socialising down at the beach and enjoying summer sports on the lake. It’s the time of year where you can work all day and then still enjoy a Friday night cocktail in a cute dress, followed by Saturday breakfast with your bestie, and then a park fun-run with your kids.

Your Inner Summer – This is the peak of your own cycle too! Your body is at it’s most fertile stage and your high estrogen levels mean you have glowing skin, surging confidence and a high libido. With the combination of high estrogen and a nice bump in testosterone, you’re buzzing with both energy and motivation. You’ll enjoy a busy social life and have no problems giving your time and energy to other people.

How to adopt what nature shows you during Summer:

  • The world is buzzing & you will be too! Take advantage of your high energy and great mood
  • Plan to socialise, attend networking events and ‘be seen’ at this time.
  • Enjoy your high libido and confidence by going on romantic dates
  • Giving to & caring for others comes naturally at this time
  • Anything to do with communication should be planned for this time


Your Inner Autumn

After the high of ovulation, you’ll move into your Inner Autumn. A lot of women find that this is their longest phase.

Mama Natures Autumn – The weather cools down, the leaves change colour and everything becomes a little more mellow and ‘earthy’. The leaves start to fall and the animals are busy gathering food and preparing for winter. At the end of autumn, it gets quite cold and big gusts of wind rip through the trees, sending leaves twirling and leaving them raw. The humans have packed away their summer dresses and sun lounges and opt for a red wine and risotto around the fire instead.

Your Inner Autumn – Progesterone soars and becomes the dominant hormone, bringing with it a slower pace and a turn inward. The ovulation buzz wears off and you become more grounded and better able to focus. If your egg wasn’t fertilized at ovulation your endometrium will start to break down. Towards the later part of your Inner Autumn, your energy can become a little erratic and wild. You become ‘less filtered’, less worried about the outside world and more focus on yourself.

What you can take from nature during your Inner Autumn:

  • The grounded, ‘earthiness’ brings focus, motivation and clarity.
  • Like the animals, it’s a great time to organize, get things done and focus on yourself
  • Your hormone levels, energy and mood will fall like the leaves.
  • As with the gusts of wind, you too can be a little wild and raw!
  • Before hibernation the animals increase their food intake – this matches your increased metabolism and higher calorie requirement. Choose earthy, wholesome foods that will sustain your energy.

Understanding how our own cycle fits in with the cycles of nature is a beautiful reminder that we are nature.

Big love, Rach xx



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