How I use Daysy as a Natural Birth Control Tool

hormonal health Jun 10, 2019

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IMPORTANT: The manufacturers of Daysy do not use the words contraception or birth control when talking about their device. They refer to it as a “Fertility Tracker” that lets you know ”exactly when you are in your fertile window and when you are not.” Their website says that Daysy is not a replacement for contraception.

Before we get into all the details about Daysy fertility monitor and why I think it’s a fantastic option if you don’t want to use hormonal birth control, I want to mention something:

If you are currently on hormonal birth control such as The Pill and it’s working for you, fabulous! There are no judgments from me around your choices as a woman.


If you are thinking about coming off hormonal birth control, but you’re not keen on trying to work out the FAM method manually, then I think you’ll love Daysy.

Why I personally changed to natural birth control

I was on The Pill for 10 years and I don’t want to sound dramatic, but it kind of f*cked me up!

When I look back now, I can see all the clues my body was giving me. At first, it was just whispering to me ‘Hey Rach, these synthetic hormones are starting to deplete your micronutrients’. I shrugged it off.

Then my body started giving me some real nudges ‘Hey Rach, those pills are making sex unappealing and painful. It’s also why your boobs hurt all the time’

But, I didn’t pay attention until my body started screaming at me.

‘Rach please! Something is wrong here. You waking up literally dreading the day is not normal. That crippling anxiety, all those gut issues…I’m doing my best here but that hormonal birth control is making it real hard for me to maintain balance’

All of a sudden, I was listening!

One day it literally HIT ME and I just knew what I needed to do. I felt a calling to realign with my natural cycle... to allow my body (and highly-strung mind) to heal.

So I broke up with the Pill.

And then…nothing. No period. Nadda. For 12 very long months.

Scary AF.

Anyhoo, how I got my period back is a story for another day but let me just say it certainly wasn’t by going back on the Pill as my Doctor so thoughtfully suggested. I left that appointment feeling belittled and in tears

I started using Daysy fertility monitor back in 2016 and both my body and mind are SO much happier than when I was using hormonal birth control!

So what is Daysy fertility monitor?

She’s my an all-natural, non-invasive fertility monitor & cycle awareness tool all rolled into one! And yes, I fondly refer to my Daysy as a ‘she’.

Daysy tracks, learns and analyses your menstrual cycle so you can plan for or prevent pregnancy.

The best bit? All you need to do is take your temperature with her first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. That’s it. She does the rest!

Daysy will evaluate your temperature and stored data, then give you a green, yellow or red light to indicate your fertility status for the next 18 hours.

  • Green light – You’re not fertile. Unprotected sex won’t result in pregnancy. The more you use Daysy, the more green lights you will get each cycle.
  • Yellow light – Possibly fertile. Daysy is yellow when she is learning your individual cycle or when you have fluctuations in temperature (this can happen when you come off hormonal birth control, if you are stressed, sick or drank alcohol the night before). If you don’t want to fall pregnant, best you treat this the same as red days.
  • Red light – You're fertile. This is the time you’ll want to put other measures in place to avoid pregnancy (condoms, abstain from sex or if you trust your partner, the pull out method).
  • Flashing red – ovulation!

Using Daysy to help you fall pregnant

Daysy tells you when you are in your fertile window by displaying a red light after you have taken your temperature. Red means fertile so these are the best days to get down to business with your lover. You can also have unprotected sex on yellow days and possibly fall pregnant.

This fertility monitor is a high quality, reliable medical product

Daysy is certified as a medical device and the algorithm it uses has been validated by over 30 years of use. It uses a database with real menstrual cycle data from real women - not theoretical data!

How does it actually work?

Daysy measures your basal body temperature (at rest temperature) with an advanced temperature sensor that is precise to 1/100 of a degree! Then it uses a clever algorithm and the bio-mathematical forecasting software within the device to analyse your cycle.

Female basal body temperatures have distinct patterns throughout each cycle and leading up to ovulation. This is due to the measurable impact that reproductive hormones have on temperature.

Daysy detects the temperature rise that occurs with ovulation, caused by a rise in your progesterone levels.

Other important facts you need to know in order to understand how Daysy works:

  • Women can’t fall pregnant every day of their cycle.
  • Generally, the fertile window is only 6 days each cycle
  • This window consists of the 24 hours after ovulation, and the 5 days prior (because sperm can live inside you for up to 5 days)

Ovulation doesn’t happen on a set day in your cycle. It’s different for every woman and can change from cycle to cycle due to lifestyle factors.

The unpredictable nature of ovulation is why monitoring temperature is so insightful. But the temperature change is so small that a normal thermometer won't pick it up.

How Daysy fits into my daily life

In the morning, my phone alarm goes off to wake me up and I keep Daysy right beside my phone on the bedside table. I stop the alarm and then immediately take my temperature by placing Daysy under my tongue (No, she doesn’t need to be put anywhere else!!). I then sync Daysy to the DaysyView app and I’m done for the day.

You can set yourself a reminder in the DaysyView App if you are worried about forgetting. I found that after a couple of weeks it was just habit.

A guide for using Daysy.


There’s a couple of downsides

It’s not all sunshine and daisies! There are a few downsides to Daysy that I want to point out.

For starters, using this as a tool in your contraceptive kit does take a little bit of effort – it’s not set an forget like an IUD. If you plan to use Daysy to avoid pregnancy you absolutely must follow the instructions.

It may not be suitable for some Mumma’s who struggle to get 3-4 hours of consecutive sleep due to their little ones.

Also, if you fall asleep drunk or drink a lot on a regular basis, it’s going to affect your basal body temp which will make Daysy less reliable,

Daysy is not indestructible. She’s a medical device and if you drop her she might break. I travelled with mine when I first got it and didn’t have a protective case which resulted in a crack and then it malfunctioned. Customer service was absolutely amazing though and helped me resolve the issue quickly.

Lastly, it’s not cheap so you’ll need to be willing to make an investment. For me personally, my health is far more important than a new handbag.

My personal Daysy review

I genuinely love it.

It’s simple to use and works really well for my lifestyle. It arrived with very clear instructions and the website has easy to follow video tutorials. The customer service team are absolutely amazing and always happy to help with questions or checking your data if something seems off.

I’m so grateful I found something that has empowered me to take control of my own fertility without the use of hormonal birth control. And I have to say, not needing condoms all month long is quite nice too, if you know what I’m saying 😉

Daysy has made it very easy for me to connect with my body and my monthly cycle as a woman.

I highly recommend this product for women looking for a natural alternative to hormonal birth control or for women who want to understand their cycle.

I don't use Daysy alone

I use Daysy as part of my daily cycle charting, along with my knowledge of the Fertility Awareness Method.

So, I track both my basal body temp and my cervical fluids to determine my fertility status each day - then I make an informed choice about how to avoid pregnancy!

I created an introductory course to the Fertility Awareness Method which you can read about here.

How to purchase your own Daysy fertility monitor

If you’d like to bring Daysy into your life, I have a daysy discount code Australia that you are welcome to use! Click here and use code: RACH



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